Media Festival Rubric

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Score Levels
The integration of media objects such as text, graphics, video, animation, and sound to represent and convey information.
Subject Area Content
The topics, ideas, concepts, knowledge, and opinions that constitute the substance of the presentation.
The elements of the presentation that make it unique, original, and compelling.


All elements clearly make a positive contribution to the final product. There are few technical problems, and none of a serious nature.
Meets all criteria of the previous level and one or more of the following: reflects broad, in depth research and application of critical thinking skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation); shows notable insight or understanding of the topic.
Students have used media in creative and innovative ways that exploit the particular strengths of the chosen format or genre.
The final product is unique, powerful, effective, and compels the audience's attention.


With minor exceptions, all elements contribute rather than detract from the presentation's overall effectiveness.
The project has a clear goal related to a significant topic or issue.
Information included has been compiled from several relevant sources. All sources are cited. The project is useful to an audience beyond the students who created it.
Presentation is balanced, attractive, and easy-to-follow. It uses original student work and/or blends existing media in a new and interesting way.


There are some technical problems, but the viewer is able to follow the presentation with few difficulties.
The project presents information in an accurate and organized manner that can be understood by the intended audience.
There is a focus that is maintained throughout the piece, but it may not be compelling, or present information in a way that consistently keeps an audience’s attention.


The chosen media is age and content appropriate; however technical difficulties interfere with the viewer's ability to see, hear, or understand content.
There is an organizational structure, though it may not be carried through consistently.
There may be factual errors or inconsistencies, but they are relatively minor.
The project has a focus but may stray from it at times. May contain creative aspects but those aspects tend to distract the viewer from the stated purpose of the presentation.


Multimedia is absent from the presentation or technical issues make it impossible to fairly judge the entry.
Project seems haphazard, hurried or unfinished. There are significant factual errors, misconceptions, or misunderstandings.
The project doesn’t have focus.

Technical Score: /5
Content Score: /5
Creative Score: /5

Total Score (15 possible):

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